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01-11-05, 03:51 AM
So noone responded to last post....

I am getting Trouble code # P1810
Pressure Switch
Manifold Fault

Valve position switch circuit

The Dealership told me i needed a tourqe converter clutch. And need to pay them 3500$$ for a new tranny!! What the hell is going on.... they also left all the bolts off of my engine cover and gave me about 2000$ in hub repairs that I paid cash for... are they rippin me off someone give me some advice please....
How would I fix TFP... or can I replace it? I have access to a machine shop and my new mechanic teaches machine shop at Washington State Univ. Coments solicited please.....

01-11-05, 04:08 AM
Was told to descibe the situation in more detail.... so....

When the car is in ANY drive gear the car will not go... it will move but verry slowly and no matter how much u press the gas the car wont go any faster... the rpm will just slip. It will not go in reverse either. There is no audible sound from the transmission from outside of the car. I believe there may be too much transmission fuild anyone know what damage over filling may cause? I will have to check the OBD again for codes... reset and check again... the only code like i said before is #P1810.

01-11-05, 01:12 PM
The code basically indicates that the transmission is not generating line pressure or adequate line pressure. Could be several reasons...hard to tell.

The torque converter clutch will not keep the car from moving or cause loss of drive like you describe.

If the trans is overfilled then it can certainly cause foaming of the oil and slippage. If it was overfilled and slippage occurred then clutch packs could have been burned up and loss of drive occur.

What is the background, here.?? Is this a sudden and catostrophic failure? Was the trans worked on then it failed.?? What aren't you telling us.??

Pull the dipstick for the trans out and check the condition of the fluid is always the first step in diagnosing a trans problem. Look at the oil on the stick and smell it. It should be nice and red and smell oily....if it is very dark, burnt and acrid/burnt smelling then it signals a real problem in the trans. If the oil is good then it is unlikely that the trans burned something up.

Drop the bottom pan of the trans and inspect for debris. What is in the pan will tell you a lot. If there is a lot of debris and/or metal particles lying in there then it is not good.

Get the car in the air and pull the dust cover off the torque converter area of the trans. Check the flex plate and the torque converter bolts. If the flex plate is cracked/broken then the torque converter will not turn and the car will not move. This is a flex plate problem...not a trans problem. Unfortunately the trans has to be dropped to replace the flex plate but a flex plate costs a lot less than a trans.

you are going to have to chase the mechanical problem here as the diagnostic codes can only tell you so much. The pressure switch manifold code indicates a problem with line pressure that may be due to the torque converter not turning due to a cracked flex plate. IF the torque converter doesn't turn the oil pump in the trans will not turn and the trans will see no line pressure when the engine is running and it thinks it should. Just a guess...It really needs some diagnosis.

01-11-05, 03:51 PM
Well, I took the car in to have it inspected and they tole me i needed a new tranny.. the car never had any PHYSICAL problems. One day i decided to check the tranny fluid and thought it wa a little low i added about half a quart. Imediatly the car beagan slippin when accelerating.. About two weeks later the car wouldnt go over 45 mph then i parked it and now almost 8 months later am beggining the reapirs...

Whe I started it this time it would not go but about 5 mph, really it was probably about the 4th or 5th time i drove the car since the intiial dreakdown.

Could overfilling cause such a reaction in the trasnmission? If so what do i look to replace? Should the trouble code i am recieving cause such reaction in the car?
I dont know what else i could tell in more detail... coments solicited