: Best Replacement Mount For 2000 Deville

04-27-13, 02:18 PM
I need a new motor mount or trans mount..not sure exactly how its defined ( its the one in the front that always goes bad) Does anybody know of a poly mount or something better than a stock one? It seems like this thing did not last very long.. If I can not find a poly mount what brand should i use? I know theres the Delco mount but I am open to try another brand..The Westar mount seems to be well made, any thoughts on that mount? The caddy dealer told me to use a chain to tie it down..He said they do that for all the limo's and hearses..Not sure what to do but I am tired of changing this mount...lol...Thanks for any advice

04-27-13, 02:53 PM
Many threads running around about this subject even now. I would suggest searching for Ranger Rods posts. They help stop engine movement which then takes most of the stress off the front mount making them last longer.

04-27-13, 03:18 PM
Thanks..i found some post aboutt he "Ranger Rods"...Is Ranger selling these to forum members or is someone else selling them..I may be interested..They seem like a decent idea

04-27-13, 04:25 PM
Ranger made a few sets. They are not rocket science, just dedicated cutting and welding. A bit of study of the threads in here, Seville, and Deville concerning the torque strut rods will show you how to make a set.

Unlike the early Seville and Eldorado "dog bone" torque struts, this version is not rubber isolated, so there will be some mechanical engine noise (valvetrain) transmitted to the car body.

Do a Google search for "cadillac forums ranger's rods" or "cadillac forums northstar torque strut".

There are several pictures of the install work in my albums - The Community tab, Albums - two albums with the red Seville as the cover picture, 120 pics and diagrams.

There was also, a couple of years ago, quite a long discussion about fabricating your own "solid" front center motor mount. More Google work.

04-28-13, 01:51 AM
Thanks Sub...I will search around on the web and see what I can find out....

04-28-13, 09:55 AM
Here's a start .................