: 3PC Interad Custom Forges for CTS-V(Not sure about standard CTS)

04-27-13, 12:24 AM
I am cleaning out my garage. These were on my Cadillac CTS-V for like a year and a half and have been sitting in my garage for a year.

These are 3pc Custom Forged wheels from Interad Wheels.

****They will need re-finished****. I guess I should have cleaned and waxed them before I left them in my garage, but anyways they are for sell. I paid $4600 just for wheels when I bought them. The P2 tires that are on it are in excellent shape.

One of the fronts is not holding air and is leaking out around the valve stem (Most common problem with custom 3pc wheels. Interad or any wheel company can fix this for you for around $200 for the repair)

I am selling both as a combo. Asking Price is 2500 just because the tires are in awesome shape. You pay for shipping or you can pickup locally from Logan,WV.


View the whole album here:

*****The Picture of them on the car is when I first got them and in no way the shape that they are currently in********
TE37s are also for sale they were on my 370z when I had them.

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04-29-13, 02:19 PM
Wheel sizes? Offsets? Are the wheels polished? The picture of them on the car looks like they're not polished, but all of the (crappy cell phone) pics of them off the car make them look like they're polished and just need to be cleaned up.

Tire brand and model? Tire sizes? Mileage on tires or tread depth?