: Someone PLS update thread for Swapping Navigation system into non nav cts

04-26-13, 08:32 PM
I have a 08 Cadillac CTS 4 non navigation and i want to swap that out and install a navigation system. I have look everywhere ebay, amazon, and numerous salvage places but no luck. Can I install a 2010 cts-v navigation system into an 2008 cts. I have looked a the thread Swapping navigation system into non nav cts but ppl stop posting comments after a while i guess. I was looking to buy parts if anyone still have them available. Any help would be greatly appreciated?

04-26-13, 08:42 PM
Hmm.. that's a lot of work and expense, to install a factory Nav system into a non-Nav CTS.
Of course the best and easiest way to have the factory Nav/Infortainment system in a 2008+ CTS is to actually buy a CTS that's equipped that way. Just sayin'. :)

04-26-13, 08:46 PM
I don't mind the work. It's just a hassle trying to find a place with all the parts. I think it would be an awesome project to start and finish.