: muffler delete, any advice/concerns ?

Tro Budden
04-26-13, 07:18 PM
im having the shop chop off my stock mufflers and weld in a custom 2.5" exhaust tube with my tips on the end. Ive looked up youtube videos and its a fair sound enhance for a low cost. any performance gains in this at all? any computer readouts i should expect? is the drone that bad? will it spit fire ? do i need a ECU tune ?

04-27-13, 11:02 AM
I have cutouts on my sedan right before the mufflers so it should sound just like mine. It gets pretty loud (much more than 'fair sound enhance') and sounds awesome IMO. There is a lot of drone at certain rpms which can get annoying. I have a manual trans so I get a pop between most ships and burbles/occasional pop on deceleration. I like the cutouts because when I get sick of the drone I can turn it off with the flick of a switch. When my car was on the dyno, they showed a 13 rwhp gain with cutouts open vs closed. Keep in mind I had minor mods done and on a stock car it may not make a difference. Do I believe the 13 rwhp gain? I'm not sure. I know I didn't lose power and too me it was only done for sound, not performance.

You won't need a tune and you won't get any ecu trouble codes with just a muffler delete. On hard driving/shifting you can see flames on occasion if conditions are right :)

IMO, if you do it you'll love it for a few months then get sick of the drone at certain times and wish you could quiet it down. GL!

04-28-13, 01:54 PM
it's much more refined when the sound is exiting out the back and not reverberating under the cars frame and pavement (via cut-outs). i did the muffler delete and added aftermarket black powder coated tips. cost was @ 250.00 for complete install. sounds much better and fits the cars jekyll and hyde personality waaay better than any after market bolt on kit by far, & at a much more sane price. you'll love it. next mod, a cai as you'll be able to hear the supercharger whine that the factory also makes "queef quiet" as not to offend today's p*ssified nation of sheeple with masculine supercar muscle noise.


04-29-13, 10:46 AM
I have the muffler delete, no regrets.

With that said, I'm now moving to cutting all 4 cats off, adding 2 resonators and the stock mufflers.

Tro Budden
05-02-13, 08:02 PM
well i got it done , it sounds amazing. copletely brings it to life with the airaid. its running a little rich though , any of you guys know of the hp gain could be with a tune now

2.5" straight pipe/ muffler delete

05-03-13, 05:34 PM
get an upper pulley and then tune it. why do things twice? if you disconnect the neg- battery terminal the car will relearn the fuel curve without the need for
expensive dyno time.

Tro Budden
05-04-13, 10:54 AM
really? ive never thought of that , i would think the engine would just compensate on its own?
annnnnnnnnnd if i do this will i lose my pops n burbles that scare ppl?

05-04-13, 11:19 AM
I have a 2013 V-Coupe. Upper and Lower pulley, long tube stainless headers, 3 inch exhaust to the axle, port and polish throtle body K&N filter, tuned, putting out 600 hp to the rear wheels. Looking to open up the stock muffler and delete fiberglass filling. Would like a little louder sound. Sounds great now, but would like a little beefier sound. Plan later on going bigger lower pulley and cam. Putting out about 14-15 lbs. of boost, larger lower pulley will give me about 3-4 more pounds of boost shooting for about 18 lbs of boost when complete. Keep you all posted. Thx, Ernie...

07-17-13, 07:15 PM
Speaking of deleting the muffler. Do any of you know if this messes with your warranty at all. Thinking about doing it. Just wondering about warranty im not gonna get it tuned. I just wanna wake up the exhaust note a whole lot.

07-18-13, 07:24 AM
Your warranty should be fine as long as you don't go to the dealer complaining your car is too loud. Probably wouldn't whine about any rattles either. Even though the V is known to rattle, dealers love to hastily assume cause and effect.

My drivers side carpet was bulging like every one else's. My dealer saw I installed an OBDII wifi module and tucked the cord under the trim by the carpet bulge. Suddenly, the assistant service manager decided I caused the carpet bulge...despite the fact GM has probably repaired a thousand vehicles like this and it's a manufacturing defect. Ridiculous but whatever.