View Full Version : High charging voltage, stumped?

01-10-05, 11:10 PM

The Mrs. aurora (96) was yelling at her the other day. I scanned the codes and found none, but the charging system monitor displayed 17 volts. It has always had the voltage on the upper end of the range but 17 is a bit to high. I double checked at the battery with a multimeter, sure enough 17+ volts.

I went ahead an removed the alternator (the removal / install was a bigger pain in the rear than my 97 sts), I had it tested at a parts store where it failed. I should have paid more attention to the nature of the fail, but instead just bought a new one.

I spent most of the night installing the new unit, as soon as i started the car back up the voltage jumped to 17? What the hay - what elese could be the culprit? The battery is at 12.2 without the car running and it has no trouble cranking. I am reading about a battery thermistor and other stuff on alldata - any ideas?