View Full Version : 2013 Escalade ESV Platinum Power Running Boards Question

04-25-13, 01:51 PM
Just purchased a 2013 Escalade ESV Platinum edition. I remember reading posts on the Forum about lubricating the hinges on the power running boards. Question, how often should I do this and what lubricate do you recommend?

This will make my fifth ESV purchase to date. Really like this one!

04-25-13, 08:43 PM
Anyone, anyone?

04-26-13, 04:28 AM
I use this: http://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/grease/synthetic-multi-purpose-spray-grease/?zo=350878&page=%2fstorefront%2fglcspray.aspx

Amsoil Spray Grease. My boards still work as flawless as the day I bought the truck new, in 2009. I also live in IL, with some harsh winters.

04-26-13, 10:03 AM
How often do you spray them K9?
And where do you buy that stuff?

04-26-13, 12:27 PM
I just spray them when they start to look dry, mostly from washing. Just let the boards extend and spray the hinges.

I have an account with Amsoil, so I purchase directly from their website.