: 1964 Cadillac Coupe Deville, Alternator Upgrade Question

04-25-13, 09:24 AM
I want to upgrade my stock alternator. I was looking at a Powermaster alternator, 100 amp, 12SI. It is internally regulated. Now I know my 64 is externally regulated, my question is how do I go about installing the new alternator. Do I need to remove the external regulator completely? Also the 12SI, does that mean I may need to change the pulley? I just need guidance on what I would need to do to upgrade my alternator, and if I need to look for a specific alternator to replace the original.

I was also looking at this "Tuff Stuff Silver Bullet One Wire Alternator, 100 AMP ".

04-25-13, 04:09 PM
No with a internal one wire alternator you dont need the external regulator. Or 3 wire for gen light in car. Same alt your chicle of wiring option. I bought a high out put one from summit. 100 amps, for the generator light you will need do some re wiring.

04-25-13, 06:53 PM
Ok since I do have a gen light, how to I go about rewiring? And does that mean I need to get a three wire alternator?

04-26-13, 12:12 AM
One wire internal alt has both option. You can just connect power wire, bolt to block that is ground that is it. Three wire means you added your gen light. The little plug that goes into the side. Almost like the plug for the external reg.