: Did you know Cadillac made racing wheels for our cars? picture

04-24-13, 01:44 PM
Just kidding. I thought I would show what the application of a simple sticker will do for a wheel. I think the sticker would really stand out on black wheels and add a little pazzaz to the over all package.

04-24-13, 03:43 PM
naaa not for me

04-24-13, 08:17 PM
If you're racing, you can't read the sticker...

04-24-13, 09:34 PM
Autozone thanks you for the business. Fuzzy dice on isle 3.

04-25-13, 04:47 PM
Cars value with stickers $39,000 cars value with out stickers $42,500

04-25-13, 05:50 PM
Good for .2 seconds in the quarter. Keep them on for sure.

04-25-13, 06:10 PM
The extra weight wouldn't slow him down .2 seconds in the quarter???

04-25-13, 07:20 PM
You guys are too funny. The car is much faster with the decals. lol If you see the wheels in person they really draws positive comments. You guys are just to much of purests.

04-25-13, 09:08 PM
How about a ==TOURING== decal on the top of the popup navigation display?
And HIGH OCTANE stickers around the fuel filler neck?
Maybe --RIDING-- emblems on the back seat headrests.
And a ::HAULING:: stripe across the inside of the trunk.

But seriously, it does add a little HOT WHEELS style flash, and if that suits your personality, good on ya.