: no power brakes

04-24-13, 01:13 PM
power brakes not working car does not run right diesel when u shot off have to kill motor in gear is this a carbon build up in the intake cause this to happen rebuilt brake booster still no power brakes rebuilt carb still not shuting down any ideas

04-24-13, 02:12 PM
FYI, you are in the forum that only pertains to "in warranty" cars. You obviously have a very old car. But we don't know what it is. Because you did not provide the important information. Such as year, model and engine size.

After providing that, your thread can moved to the proper forum.


04-24-13, 03:57 PM
An occasional period or comma would also be helpful. :)

04-24-13, 04:29 PM
^And a basic understanding of how to form a coherent sentence.

Given what information we DO have about your car, I believe this may be the Forum you are looking for.


Please try to phrase your question a bit better. The more information we have the better. MANY things can cause that engine to diesel and there are an assortment of things that can cause the failure of the brakes. Please try to provide as much information as possible.

Hope to hear back from you soon.

04-24-13, 04:35 PM
An occasional period or comma would also be helpful. :)

Ha ha, I didn't even noticed that. But there again, I should be able to read typos. Which is probably why I over read them, or lack there of. Lol


04-24-13, 08:13 PM
I'd be looking for a vacumm leak to start.

04-26-13, 11:09 AM
So now that the insults about his typing is over, yes sounds like you may have a booster related issue which can cause both a vacuum leak as well as a lack of power for the brakes. On top of that check to see if the master cylinder is not leaking at the rear because that can also be the cause of the booster going bad.

04-26-13, 12:41 PM
My goal was not to insult. It was a real request. I found the initial post very difficult to read.
No offense intended.