: F/S: Turbo kit for 2007+ Escalade or GM with 6.2L

04-23-13, 09:05 PM
Hi Guys,

Some of you know my CarTuning Performance turbo set-up bc of my posting the build on this forum. I'm selling my Escalade and will be returning everything to stock. I have CarTuning Performance turbo kit with upgraded ball bearing turbo and HP Tuners software.

I have owned several different turbo kits on different vehicles and this is absolutely the nicest turbo kit I have owned. I have not had one issue with the kit. It took me by myself with no one helping 10.5 hrs to install. My truck has never been on Dyno due to no access to awd Dyno but I did run in the 11's (11.8) with my truck in the 1/4 mile (I don't remember the mph but I think it was 115ish).

Kevin who is owner of CarTuning Performance is a great guy and wanted me to let the new owner know that he will be willing to help with the install of this turbo kit if need be. Honestly, I'm somewhat handy and like I said, I installed the entire kit in 10.5 hrs so with a buddy it will b a breeze. Everything fit like it came from GM.

The kit is still n Escalade but I will be removing the kit within the next week. I will be adding pics at that time but I do have some pics posted on this site if interested. If someone buys kit before I remove it from my Escalade I will take kit of and ship to that person same day. The kit only takes 3 hrs to remove.

76mm ball bearing Turbonetics Turbo
Large intercooler
Methanol injection
50# injectors
Blow-thru mass air
HP Tuners tuning software with 3 different tunes (91 octane, 93 octane & aggressive 93 octane tune)
Blow-off valve
Waste gate
All piping (ceramic coated black inside & out)
Silicone hoses
Hose clamps
Misc. bolts and screws
I have everything that came with kit down to last bolt and screw so this is everything you need.

I paid nearly 8k for this kit 6k miles ago.
Asking 4.5K for a quick sell or it's going on ebay next weekend for 6k.

Contact info:
Matt Whitaker
405-880-6695 call or text
Mattwhitaker1110 @ yahoo.com

06-23-15, 10:44 AM
Just wondering if you have this still
Wish I saw this much much earlier