: New Owner of an 05 V, introducing myself

04-23-13, 09:01 PM
Found this forum fairly easily, new to this car but not to cars or forums. Thought I'd introduce myself and ask for a few tips on my new used car.

Just picked up an '05 V, 90k on it. Runs great handles tight, only place I feel the 90k is in the shifter. Pretty sloppy and can be a bit ponderous at times, I'm assuming some bushings are worn out so the plan is to do a short shifter at the same time. I'm reading B&M is ok, I've used them before so I'll probably go that direction.

Needs brake pads as well, seems the consensus is the Hawk HPS pads. Any tips on where to buy this stuff is welcome.

Couple pics cause every forum I'm on people always want pics (myself included). Bone stock but does the trick so far.

http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g179/captainsandyvagina/photo.jpg (http://s56.photobucket.com/user/captainsandyvagina/media/photo.jpg.html)

http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g179/captainsandyvagina/image.jpeg (http://s56.photobucket.com/user/captainsandyvagina/media/image.jpeg.html)

Tips, tricks, comments welcome. Thanks in advance.

04-23-13, 11:58 PM
Welcome, I'm new myself but I can help with your shifter questions as I've been reading on here for a while now. It seems that about the only shifter to get these days is a custom one made by a member here "pisnuoff". There's a thread that details the ordering process. I plan to get one of these myself real soon. As far as the bushings there are a couple of options. Creative steel makes some, and Lindsay Cadillac sells some made by UUC I think. The hawk HPS pads are reported to not be quite as grippy as the stockers. And the stockers are quite good for factory pads if you don't mind the dust. The hawks that are a step up from the stockers would be the HP+ pads. I'm sure there are many other companies out there with good pads for these cars but hawk is what I'm most familiar with.

Welcome to the forum from another new platinum V owner!

04-24-13, 06:59 AM
^^^right on. My shifter, Hawk HP+ pads.

04-24-13, 09:20 AM
Welcome! I know what you are saying about the shifting thing. Might need to look into the bushings at minimum myself. I have the 04 platinum myself and I like your chrome wheels. I did a brake job last year after getting mine and had to replace the front rotors but can't remember what pads I used so sorry on not helping there.


04-24-13, 10:45 AM
Thanks for the tip on HP+ pads, definitely don't want to lose any grip.

^^^right on. My shifter, Hawk HP+ pads.

Not sure I can wait for your shifter, I'd like to do a track day on May 17 . . .

04-24-13, 11:21 AM
Welcome to the site. Looks like a beauty. Tons of info and helpful people here.


04-25-13, 04:17 PM
Welcome- love my 05!!