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04-23-13, 04:08 PM
Hello Cadillacers! I'm in the area of Akron, Ohio. In years past I have owned a 77 Coupe DeVille (red with white interior) and a 89 Sedan DeVille (white with red interior). My mother re-married and decided that she no longer need her vehicle so she has handed down a 90 Sedan DeVille (light blue with dark blue interior) to my family. I wish that the teenager in the house truly appreciated how lucky she is to get this car and not the Nissan Cube that she dreams of.

The car is a real nice catch as it was previously owned by two "little old ladies" that only drove local and not that often...it only has 56,000 miles. I flew down to Arkansas and drove it back to Ohio...smooth sailing too. It brought back memories of my '89 DeVille. But it is not perfect, my to do list:

- Replace hood struts.
- Basic tune-up.
- Replace stereo with modern/aftermarket system: CD/AM/FM/MP3/Aux input.
- Heater issue. The mode and temp controls seem to be fine, but the heat doesn't seem to get hot enough. My first guess is that the engine's thermostat is stuck open.
- Few paint scuffs to buff out...hopefully.
- Large dent in left rear door from what mom described as a "shopping cart incident".


04-23-13, 07:03 PM
Welcome! Sounds like a nice car. Yeah, if I was a few years younger I'd much prefer an DeVille to a rolling tu.. I mean Cube :D

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:welcome: Those 89-93 Devilles are sweet cars. :)

04-24-13, 01:07 AM
Welcome! I'm from down in Columbus. But I drive thru Akron every morning going to warren, and my sister lives in a little town not to far from there called Hiram. She's a professor at the college there. As I think everyone is that's not a student, but lives there. Lol.

04-24-13, 11:20 AM
Yep, Hiram is a very educated town.

04-24-13, 06:35 PM

Sounds like great car, they will come around once people start loving on it in parking lots!

04-26-13, 12:04 AM
Welcome to the forum. Lots of good people and info in here. Enjoy your stay!!!!