: OK...another new person, potential ATS owner

04-23-13, 02:36 PM
Hello all, I saw the ATS at a car show in January and immediately loved it. Never really had a really nice car in my life except for a 97 Z28, which I still have. Went and took a blue 3.6 AWD luxury for a 2 day "test drive" and put 150 miles on it checking it out. I really want to lease it, but I'm a bit concerned with the room. I have 2 kids and with car seats and the whole family, it was rather cramped. I loved everything else about the car, power, sound, performance, interior, exterior.....with the exception of (and several other people here have already mentioned these things) transmission and stereo. Now I didn't hate the transmission, however, I thought it shifted out of first too quick. Unless you got on it from a stop, I felt it didn't hold first gear nearly long enough. I actually really loved how when you are coasting and downshifting in manual mode it revs the throttle a bit to synch a little better. This is a small complaint, but for a 50K car, I expected a much better stereo system.

My questions are: Am I really missing anything by sticking with the luxury model? I hear people mention the suspension in the premium. Is the 10 speaker Bose in the upper models significantly better than the 7 speaker system?

And lastly, I'm fairly close to pulling the trigger, but would just like some thoughts if it an acceptable lease. Like I said, it's a 3.6 AWD luxury with CUE, sunroof and cold weather package. MSRP was ~46000. They came down 2000 plus an 800 rebate for a total of ~43000. I would have 5800 equity in my trade with 2500 of that going down and the other 3300 coming back to me. So with the 2500 down, for 36K miles and 36 months, the best I could get was about 480/month. Does this seem decent or is it worth waiting until new offers come out May 1st? I am in the Buffalo area if that matters. Thanks for any thoughts!

Hoosier Daddy
04-23-13, 07:11 PM
They came down 2000 plus an 800 rebate
What's the story on the $800 rebate? Is that a regional thing?

04-23-13, 07:44 PM
Not sure exactly....I'm guessing it's not a manufacturer rebate since no one on here has mentioned it. Must be a dealer specific thing.

Every dealer around here has dozens of the exact car I mentioned above and almost nothing else. Am I crazy to think they may be having a lease deal soon to move them??

04-23-13, 10:37 PM
I'm in the same boat as you with two small children. They are in booster seats at ages 5 and 7.

I'm in the performance model which has a different rear seat than the lux, so I'll tell you about the scenarios I'm in with our ATS Performance.

The boosters sit nicely on the seat and the seat belt buckles stay to the outside of the boosters. With the buckles exposed it allows my LiL Squirts to buckle themselves. A big plus!

This was a big problem on some on the other cars we test drove with larger back seats. In those cars the buckets wanted to stay tucked behind the boosters forcing us to actually have to slide the booster towards the outside of the car, buckle them, then slide them back over. What a pain in the ass! My kids could not buckle themselves.

My complaint is that with booster seats, the added height actually makes their legs stay propped up or straight instead of bending down, which makes their shoes stay on the back of the seats all of the time. They don't complain and have enough room, but they love to push on daddy and it's a constant battle with shoe imprints on the back of the seat. No biggie though, it's a easy clean and its actually gotten better with age.

With two boosters, no way is this car going to sit five comfortably. My 19yr old will not ride with us if we want to go out as a family. No room plain and simple.

As far as the tranny goes, I agree with you. The car is in sixth gear before you know it. My solution is slide that baby into manual mode and bang the gears like you want. I'm in an 2.0t and running a tune with a beta shift setting for the tranny in sport mode and all I can so is wow. The beta shift pattern is how GM should of built this car for sport mode! It affects economy but makes it more of a drivers car. However you would need a tune and that's not everyone's cup of tea.

Overall lm happy with the ATS, its fun to drive but to me its not a car for someone looking to haul teenagers or groups of people around. Getting in and out is not what I consider a family sedan. It's a cockpit for my crew family and we are happy with that and knew that going in so I'm not complaining. It works for us.

Caddy Chris
04-25-13, 01:35 PM
The 10 speaker system is 100 times better than the standard Bose stereo. The ATS was not designed to be a family car. It is designed for the occasional back seat passenger. The car was designed for the person driving it not the passengers. If you have very young kids you should look at other cars.

04-25-13, 11:30 PM
You can do better. Take all the ,ones on your trade. $$$ always best in your hands

04-26-13, 12:21 AM
You can save some money on the 2.0 turbo instead of the 3.6. It's not quite as fast, but still more than adequate, and more amenable to tuning. The MRC suspension in the Premium is definitely better than the base sport suspension, IMO, but it's only available with RWD. It does come with a limited slip differential, which does help traction, though. LSD is standard on all manuals, otherwise only available with the Premium RWD.

The seats on the Performance and the Premium are much more comfortable and supportive than the seats in the Luxury, IMO. Those models also have the adaptive HID headlights, which are at least adequate to decent, vs the halogens on the Luxury, which truly suck, in mine and many other people's opinion. The HIDs also come with the LED accent front lighting and the lit door handles, which are just cool as hell.

The 10 speaker Bose is definitely better than the 7 speaker version. Also note that only the Premium and the Luxury have the split folding seats, which certainly add utility, while the Performance inexplicably only has a pass through.

Lots of choices. I strongly recommend trying a RWD Premium in both 3.6 and 2.0 to test the suspension, seats, and lighting, before you decide.

04-26-13, 02:19 AM
Maybe wait until later this year for the 14 CTS, so you'll have more room?

05-01-13, 09:49 PM
Thanks for the insight everyone! I appreciate the comments. As far as room, I considered waiting to check out the new cts but it doesn't come out for several months and I didn't want to wait that long. I decided the ats was fine for size since my kids are small and 95% of the time it was just me anyways and we have a rav4 to haul the family. I did drive a 2.0 but really didn't like the sound and tuning wasn't an issue because I'm leasing. Rwd was also not an option because we get a ton of snow like half the year so I really wanted awd. I did end up getting the one I mentioned because I got them to do only 2000 down (and a check back for 4000) and 450/month, which I was fairly happy with. I never checked out a performance or premium, which I slightly regret, but it's only 3 years and in a weird way, being my first "expensive" car, I didn't want to spend any more money and I figured down the road I can always upgrade. I'm happy with almost every aspect of the car except maybe the stereo but I can deal with it for a few years.