View Full Version : BiXenon HID KIts for 09' CTS ( Non HID )

04-23-13, 02:33 PM
I am still trying to piece together a nice HID system for my 09' CTS as it's the only feature I didn't get that I kind of want.

I have read a lot of threads on the forums and see a lot of people having issues with DTR's and losing either high beam or low beam but I have not seen anyone bring up BiXenon kits that include the low and high beam in the same capsule so you have the low beam with cut off from the projector, but when switched to high you get the full output of the light.

My headlights have the projector on top ( I am assuming this is the high and low beam ) and a bulb underneath ( am guessing this is DTR or high beam possibly? ) and then the orange corner light next to the grill.

Would one of these kits eliminate the loss of either high or low beam, and stop the issues with DTR's not working?

This site here has the kit, the BiXenon kits are around $100 more but I would rather have both lights working than save a little money. http://www.simplyhidkits.com/

04-23-13, 03:54 PM
The projector is your low beam, the halogen housing is your high beam. The DRL(daytime running lights) are a lower power version of the low beams. I'm not sure you can use a high/low beam kit in these non hid ones. I have an hid kit on my high and low beams and I love it

04-23-13, 05:08 PM
Okay thanks for the clarification. I dont really care about the DTRL's, but the highs and lows I definitely want.

Since you have done the conversion I would also like to ask what kit you went with, and if you needed any wiring harness. I have seen on other threads people said some higher quality kits send a harness to eliminate warnings in the DIC and also prevent flickering.

Thanks for the help!