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04-23-13, 02:47 PM
Hello Cadillac owners,

My name is Eric and I'm a new member. I must say that I am proud to be a Cadillac owner. I have a 2003 CTS and even though its not perfect, I love it. I never saw myself owning one but the opportunity presented itself and it was too good of a deal to pass up. It's a great car and I uplifting to see it in my driveway!! There are a couple issues that hopefully I can get some help with. I was wondering if any one knows a good place to get one of those problematic reverse light covers. It was missing when i bought it and found out it cost about $500+ from the dealer and other places! Any ideas on making one or info on a discounted cad parts place would be appreciated. Also left head light keeps fogging up, I already had a friend refinish the lights to get the hase off and they looked great till one fogged up on the inside. Not sure how to fix that? Anyway I look forward to my new found caddy club!

04-23-13, 02:52 PM
Welcome Aboard !!!!! :yup:

Go up ^^^ to the proper year group forum for your CTS and post your maintenance and repair questions there.

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:welcome: Eric!

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Welcome to the forum. Lots of good people and info in here. Enjoy your stay!!!!