: 2005 CTS has intermittent starting problems.

04-23-13, 01:10 PM
I am having some starting issues with a 2005 CTS I bought used. Brand new battery. Every once in a while you go to start it and nothing happens. All dash lights and radio work. This an intermittent problem. Twice, I had it towed to an auto electric shop after trying to start it for an hour while I was stuck. Both time I called th shop and they said " The tow truck driver started it right up and drove it off the bed, and we can't get it to not start!

Sometimes I couldn't start it, then an hour or two later I try it and it starts right up and will continue to do so for a few weeks without a problem. Today, not so. Once I moved it into neutral, I heard a strange scraping noise but it started. Today, not so. Then moving the automatic shifter into park, it locked there.
Anybody have any other ideas? Could a theft sensor be blocking? It kind of acts like it would it if you left it in drive and tried to start it.

04-23-13, 01:39 PM
Assuming it is an automatic transmission, my guess is the starter/solenoid is marginal, or the connections to the starter/solenoid are marginal. If it is manual (this is the CTS-V forum after all) it could also need a clutch position switch adjustment or replacement.

04-23-13, 02:32 PM
Oops, I did get in the wrong forum... thanks for answering!