: Cleaning out the Brake system after being open for a yr

04-23-13, 07:20 AM
Ok, my newest hurdle, my ABS motor was disconnected by the dealer and never taped up, I KNOW DUST AND SAND took refuge inside, how do i go about flushin the whole system and not damage the motor any more?

Or should i just bow out the lines with compressed air and buy a new ABS module?

04-29-13, 08:28 PM
It depends how much dust and crap actually got into the ABS unit. Blowing out the lines wont do anything, that
will require flushing the lines, front to back. I would try getting fluid through the unit and then flushing a few, maybe 4-5 quarts of fluid through the system, a pressure bleeder will be best, but a vacuum bleeder will do. BUT if you have
gotten dust/ debris/ air stuck in the master cylinder, you may have to bring it to a GM dealer so they can activate the
ABS module to successfully bleed the system. I have read numerous complaints about people bleeding them and
ending with a soft pedal.

04-30-13, 02:13 AM
I ordered four ltrs of brake fluid, and just now followed with four more ltrs

I am going to take my abs module apart, and clean it thoroughly before working the module and scratching the pistons due to the dust...I also have the motive brake bleeder kit, so i will go to the dealer let them bleed the module then i will bleed each caliper. I will probably lose two to three bottles to flushing like you said.

Thank you for your advice