: Top won't close

04-22-13, 11:42 PM
Hello, newbie here! we have a 2004 XLR, the top wont close! the dash says that the top isnt secured and wont go up nor latch Ive used your site for turn signal light replacement and tried using the pencil in the latch but no good (battery is fully charged) would appreciate any info? Im a traveling salesman and it very hard to get home and take to the dealer.
Thanks, Dennis:hmm:

04-26-13, 06:41 PM
Your symptom elaboration is weak for such a complex process, so I'll have to guess a little unless you can supply more info. (Sorry!)

I'm assuming the top is up, but doesn't indicated the cycle completed. The top is secured when stowed, by the latch in the center of the windshield header. The latch has two switches inside. One to indicate "LATCHED" and the other to indicate "UNLATCHED." Both status signals are used by the Folding Top Control Module to determine where in the up/down cycle the top is located. There's another switch in the right side of the windshield header (activated by the locating pin in the folding top) to indicate the top is stowed. If that goes bad, you'll get the TOP NOT SECURED msg. Listen for the latch to engage if you can get the top working; the switch in the header tells it when to clamp down on the folding top to lock it in place.

1) Try manually retracting the top and then move it to the raised position using the switch on the center console. If that works, retract the top fully and then raise the top (One full cycle.)
2) Does the rear decklid operate normally? Operate it all three ways: Using the Fob, the dash-mount switch and the switch on the rear decklid.

Report back with the results.


04-27-13, 12:10 PM
Thank for responding my top is down nothing happens, the dash says " top not secured" I've tried the trunk fob and switch nothing happens
Ill probably take to dealer when I can spend some time at home. Just not at home too often and was hoping for a quick fix
Thanks dennis