: Need wheel/rim opinion on CTS 08 Black & Web site!

04-22-13, 11:39 AM
Looking to buy rims & i know with rims its all about personal preference. I Right now what I am looking at are, the Gianelle Cancun bolt pattern 5x120 want to go with a high offset 20x8.5, black, I'm going with a all black theme, going to remove all chrome soon except for the side vents.107023
now if you guys don't like it send some recommendations
I don't like a lot of spokes, I'm settled on 5 spokes, deep dish or concave.

04-22-13, 09:44 PM
I like them. Very clean and will most likely fit the cts because of the sharp edges rather then rounded.

04-23-13, 12:24 AM