: Comparison (Why 2.5L engine is NOT bad)

04-22-13, 11:24 AM
It has been said that the 2.5L engine doesn't belong in the ATS. If that is true, then why do the competitors offer engines with similar performance at a similar price point? I went to the web sites of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi and compared my ATS with heated seats, sunroof and 2.5L automatic to the equivalent models.

This is what I found:

BMW 320i
2.0L inline four
180 HP

Mercedes-Benz C200
1.8L turbo four
201 HP

Audi A4
2.0L turbo four
211 HP

Cadillac ATS
2.5L four

Each of the luxury brands has an entry level compact sedan and they all have engines with similar performance characteristics. Unless you are saying that Cadillac should not have an entry level ATS, then I think the ATS compares very well with the competition.


Stevo Supremo
04-22-13, 11:40 AM
well for me coming from a car with 200hp I just wanted more this time.

but theres noithing wrong really with the 2.5, I test drove one and was still able to get it sideways :)

04-22-13, 11:57 AM
Audi's 2.0 liter is the only engine you can get in a A4 currently. It's a step above the Caddy's 2.5L, but the car it's in is so vanilla. My wife wanted one. I hated it. And good luck finding a stripper model A4 at or near MSRP.

It's my opinion BMW brought in the 320i in response to compete with the 2.5 ATS. It essentially has a detuned version of the same engine in the 328i. Between the ATS and the 320i it'd be a toss up, but probably going with the Bimmer because you can get it with a 6MT.

Stevo Supremo
04-22-13, 12:28 PM
the 2.0 isn't even much more than the 2.5 , hell if you get the 2.0MT it almost covers the cost of upgrading the engine.

Hoosier Daddy
04-22-13, 12:54 PM
The 2.5 should be an option, if for no other reason than they are selling. The more ATS that sell the less of GM's up front costs have to be included in each ATS's MSRP.

And there are people who don't want the complexity of a turbo or the weight of a V6.

And there are people who want an ATS that uses the least amount of gas and the least expensive gas.

04-22-13, 01:57 PM
If the 2.5 had a manual transmission it would be my choice. A bigger, more powerful engine provides no benefit to me, but numerous drawbacks.