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04-21-13, 10:09 PM
Hey guys,

Car made 606rwhp on 87, 638 on c16 in Florida. Car was bought built up there and dyno tuned. I have dyno sheets.

Car finally arrived to Central America, where I live, and today we put it on a local dyno, which I know isn't VERY OFF because my 5th gen camaro was dyno'd on it (not today) and it made 630rwhp which is what it should make for its mods.

Anyway we put the V on the dyno and it only made 460rwhp!!! In 4th !!! In 3rd gear it made 426.... I was running c16 on my pump gas tune which I don't think explains why the car is so much lower than what it made in US. In the US the curve was steady too, none of this deto crap like on the pic I'm posting......

We did notice the tips of the exhaust were pretty white..... and on dyno smoke was coming from the engine bay..... Lots of noticeable smoke....

Pic of dyno curve... can see how nasty that curve is!

Anyone think of what I should start looking for... I really hope the car didn't lean out and I hurt something. CEL just came on when I got home too... I have HP tuner but am having difficulty installing it on my laptop and haven't been able to datalog just yet.

04-21-13, 11:36 PM
How much was it driven before you got it? Could something have happened prior to you getting it but after the dyno runs in FL?

04-22-13, 12:15 AM
Who did the work in Florida? The people in Florida, did they take a video of the run? Did you see that video if they did? How long was it from the time they finished it in florida till the time you got it and then did your dyno run?