: N* Intake filter box modified

Mr. Mohr
04-21-13, 08:30 PM
I was changing the plugs in my N* last night (A/C Delco Rapidfires), and decided to go ahead and take full advantage of my wife being pre-occupied with her sister visiting. I removed the air filter box and decided to modify it. I have done this to most every vehicle I've owned over the past few years and like the results. So after removing the box and inspecting its construction, I opened up the bottom of the box by removing the snorkle and the couple inches of flat space on the bottom of the box (so the entire bottom is open now, which opens directly down to the area behind the front bumper in front of the inner fender liner) it's only a slightly larger opening then stock. Then I cut out the inner piece of the box, this looks like the most restrictive part of the filter box. It's the piece that makes a small curve from the snorkle to the filter. Every other box I've worked on only has a box 1 piece thick, ours has 2 pieces with a huge open area between them, I'm sure this helps with temps a little and to keep intake sound down. I'm sure most Cadillac owners are more concerned with a wisper quiet ride than performance. Even if this makes ZERO improvement, and I'm using an OEM style replacement so I'm sure it is close to zero, I'm happy with the sound. I like to hear my engine, just a personal prefference. Eventually I will either switch to a K&N replacement or build a custom intake and route it down that opening to behind the fog light. Let me know if you need pictures, I think it's pretty self-explanitory, but pics always help.:thumbsup:

PS- If you have anything negative to say about this modification please be polite as I have no patience at this time for an argument. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is always welcome however. Thank you.

04-22-13, 10:43 AM
If in fact you did increase your air flow you should end up using more fuel.

On the subject of being nice and care bear while I agree with you just remember it is a public forum.

Mr. Mohr
04-23-13, 03:43 AM
I understand about this being a "Public Forum", I just wasn't in the mood to hear others negativity at the time. As I said, constructive criticism is always welcome. It's certainly possible to disagree or let someone know they made an error without being rude. Most forum members seem to follow this just fine. But that's getting off topic. With an OEM style paper filter, it shouldn't flow significantly more air during normal driving conditions. Under hard acceleration, it MIGHT flow a little better due to less restriction. But again, I like the sound, no matter how juvenile.

04-23-13, 10:50 AM
I find your lack of faith disturbing.....Don't underestimate the power of the paper.

When I still had my Duramax, a bunch of testing was done and at the end of the day the best filter was the OEM one.

The filter is going to flow what it flows no matter what you do to the airbox or throttle position, the question is can your engine flow more than the filter?

On the topic of doing something just cause you want to I am all over that, you owned up to it no need to defend it. I spend $$$ on big brakes cause they look cool :)

Mr. Mohr
04-23-13, 08:56 PM
From what I've seen, the filter does look a little small for a high-reving V8. But I could certainly be wrong. Most people I know with V8 anything say they notice better flow with a cone (or similar) style filter. At least my paper filter is clean, so it flows as best it can. Yes, the V-spec brakes probably do look cool. I haven't seen them swapped on an SRX. Do you notice a difference in braking? Stoping distance or brake fade?