View Full Version : Track Day 4/24 @ Thunderbolt

04-19-13, 03:36 PM
Track Day on Wednesday 4/24 at TBolt if anyone is interested. Register at www.opentrackdayevents.com

I'll be there with the V...

04-22-13, 04:12 PM
All 35 spots are taken.
We'll be there all day Wednesday so if anyone wants to come hang out, you are welcome...

04-25-13, 12:21 PM
The day went great and the weather was perfect.
First time ever on track since the build and the V ran like a champ, suspension was great. Made lots of new fans and respect for the car.
Aaron Povoledo ran some laps and says the car is just a beast. I thought I ran well but after some laps with him, there is plenty more to get out of it. Love to see what it does on new GA Conti's.
The car sounds crazy on track with front straight speeds around 140.
Here's some pics from the day...