View Full Version : Unknown issue - possibly electrical - car wont start

04-19-13, 01:15 PM

New to Cadi Forums and at ends wit! My husband and I have a 1997 Deville 4.6 engine (I think) V8. I get to post everything because he is dyslexic but handy.

The problem we're having...The car started giving a hard start. 2 mechanics said it was the electical side of the ignitiion switch. We had a key guy come out to do diagnostics but he said it wasn't the problem.

Another mechanic came out and put the starter directly to the battery and said that was the problem. The starter was replaced 2 days ago. The car started a little rough but was okay for a few days. Now it wont start again.

Another mechanic said it was the fuel pump. My husband drained the lines before trying to restart it and nothing came out.He checked the relay switch and switched it with a known good one when he drained the lines. This morning he pulled the tank down, replaced the fuel pump (with a used one) and nothing. He connected the old and new fuel pump directly to the battery and said they were both "singing." He doesn't think it's the fuel pump but think it's electrical.

Any ideas or suggestons?

05-07-13, 12:52 PM
Try your crank sensor sometime they just go bad