View Full Version : Losing coolent; oil is clean...

04-19-13, 12:17 PM
I am losing Dex cool, but no coolant in oil and no puddles in the morning... :banghead:

04-19-13, 01:44 PM
You're in the wrong forum. You need to be in the Seville section for old sidewinders. This forum is for newer AWD/RWD STSs.

04-19-13, 06:20 PM
Generically speaking you still may have a pin-hole leak (that doesn't show as a puddle), however, if this were the case you would still have that hot sweet smell of antifreeze being 'steamed off'.

04-19-13, 06:34 PM
Even though this is the wrong forum it sounds like the infamous headgasket leak to me.

04-19-13, 09:34 PM
The HG repair is expensive but if the car is otherwise good condition, many members find it worthwhile. They are beautiful and great driving cars.