View Full Version : DIY Clear Bra

04-19-13, 10:34 AM
Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to install a clear bra on my car in the next couple weeks and I was wondering who here has done their own installation. I've seen a few ATS specific kits on eBay in the $250-260 for the front end (fenders, hood, mirrors, bumper). I've also seen the clear bra bulk rolls.

I consider myself pretty handy and considered doing it myself but I wanted to see if anyone else had. For those of you that have, do you have any tips?

I'm leaving towards having someone else do it but if it's not horribly troublesome I'd consider doing it myself. I could take that $800 savings and do other things to the car I definitely wouldn't mind.


04-20-13, 10:09 PM
I plan to get those too! Let me know how that goes.