: Switch from Auto D to Auto Paddle Shifters?

04-18-13, 11:00 PM
Has anyone tried shifting from the auto D position to the manual D position, or visa versa? I'm tempted to try this while driving at highway speed, but I'm afraid I'll tear up the tranny. I'm sure one of you
other brave soles has already done this. So I'm waiting to see what happen with you first. Cecil............:)

04-18-13, 11:04 PM
I do it on a daily basis. Trust me you will be fine. The computer takes care of the whole transition. I have never tried it at WOT.

04-23-13, 12:37 PM
i regularly do the this as well; most often from auto to manual when approaching light/stop sign -- enjoy downshifting. from manual to auto usually after i've reached 3rd, sometimes 4th gear -- time to shut it down.