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Bacon V
04-18-13, 04:48 PM
How does the authorized vendor process work? I don't intend to manufacture and sell large volumes of parts, but I have some ideas for some useful custom widgets that others may want. If I made a handful when I make my own, can I sell them on here or do I have to be a sponsor/vendor? If so, how much is it to be a vendor?

04-18-13, 10:13 PM
In order to sell anything commercially for profit you must become an Authorized Vendor. Contact the Admin staff through the Paid Subscription process - Your profile, Settings, Paid Subscriptions.

A small, limited appeal product output will most likely be cost-negative for you to advertise in CF. The (non-commercial) Classifieds are moderated and other than "Wanted" or "I have a bumper for sale" type posts will be deleted.

FWIW, CF has evolved from a relatively small enthusiast site to a large, heavily populated commercial Cadillac advice Forum. Paid advertising is a necessary factor in site maintenance and continuance.