: A buddy at the track setting records .. Video inside must watch racing video in video

04-18-13, 02:24 PM
Me and a few of us took the trip to Bakersfeild 1/4m track this past weekend..

great expericence and a buddy of mine set the record for the fastest 2011+ mustang in the westcoast for the fastest twinscrew 2011+ mustang

Second in the world he ran 9.40 and the fastest was someone in the east coast that ran 8.89

but heres a video i made for him and a video of him racing inside the video

Greg Turner Record Set Fastest 2011 Mustang 5.0 Coyote SuperCharged !!! Video of racing inside - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGYiRkYUCCA)

04-18-13, 06:46 PM
thanks for the information, and congrats to him. but i think all will agree, this is a caddy forum not mustang.

04-18-13, 08:24 PM
In his defense, it's getting a little stagnant around here recently.. just sayin.

04-18-13, 08:34 PM
^^^^^ all of the above is true lol.

Man that is on fast Stsv in that video wish I had one that fast.

04-18-13, 09:11 PM
yes if only.. mad stsv.. you'll NEVER own a car like that!

04-18-13, 09:28 PM
Took a couple of pics (iphone 5) almost a month ago after I wash, clay bar, wax. Tiring. We all know what an STS-V looks like so I messed with a couple of the pics with an app called "snapspeed." The things you could do to pics with this are limitless.

04-19-13, 02:43 PM
Love the pictures, But take off the front license plate holder... :)

04-19-13, 06:05 PM
Thanks. Yeah. I gotta get the fillers for the holes though. Plus, I'm originally from ny, so when I head back there after my active duty time in the army runs out (a little over a year) I'm gonna be in the city where people who parallel park (not all) determine it's time to stop backing up by tapping the front of your car. I'm gonna have to put a license plate up front anyway since ny does front and back. Otherwise, yeah I'd have it off.