: 04 srx gas hand dont work

04-18-13, 11:22 AM
I have put $33 in since yesterday and my gas hand will not register

04-18-13, 11:31 AM
Drive over some potholes, the sender may jolt loose. If the sender is bad it could get expensive to fix unless you're a DIYer.

04-18-13, 12:54 PM
Ok will try it and I hope it doesnt get to that dont have that kind of money

04-18-13, 05:13 PM
Is the sender with the pump or separate?

04-18-13, 05:21 PM
All part of an assembly.

04-18-13, 07:32 PM
Not to discount a failure of the sending unit but another possible issue could be a bad gauge servo. Early Trailblazers and their related counterparts had gauge failures related to the servo units. A servo is an electro-mechanical "motor" that drives the position of the gauge needle depending on it's electrical input. There's been updated servos that seem to cure the problem. I don't know if this is an issue with our model.