: 1987 brougham vacuum quesiton

04-16-13, 07:59 PM

I noticed when out in the garage checking out vacuum lines that I had a line that was just plugged with a bolt. It's been that way since I bought the car. Looking at Sven's diagram it looks to be TOP SOL #3 which goes to the carb. Looking on my carb, I see what looks like a vacuum nipple with nothing attached.

My question is: Why would someone disconnect this vacuum line? Is there any reason for that? The car usually runs fine but at times it does run rough so maybe this line could be the key. Any thoughts or ideas?


04-16-13, 08:39 PM
Not sure what its for and the service manual doesnt have a vacuum diagram. I'd bet its full vacuum supply to the TOP SOL to control the EGR.

Cadillac Giovanni
04-17-13, 02:29 PM
I disconnected the line to my EGR valve and plugged it with a screw. The valve was brand new, but when it was connected, it ran like crap (but passed emissions). After I passed, I plugged the line again and left it off. Not sure which line it was on the diagram, but I think it was 4. Not sure if 3 is related in any way, but it could be a reason.

Try plugging it back in and see what happens!

04-27-13, 12:24 AM
Probably what happened, was the hose dry-rotted or otherwise started leaking, so somebody cut off the end and plugged it.