: Poor Poor FM reception...

04-16-13, 06:52 PM
Anyone have any advice on how to improve the FM or AM reception on a 2010 SRX....if you get about 30 miles from the antenna...forget it...totally unacceptable....

Man they have really put a cheap ass radio or antenna in this car...

any ideas would be appreciated...



04-16-13, 08:14 PM
Didnt know anyone used FM anymore. I havent used anything but XM and my I pod for years. Ad's suck.

04-16-13, 10:28 PM
Hey Bobby! Im having FM reception issues as well but on my 2012. Every station comes in bad.

04-17-13, 12:19 PM
I assume (like many other things on the Cadillacs now out there - plastic hub caps falling off, door trim falling off...no spare tire, radio won't pull in most stations, parking brake that you can't use in an emergency) that this is just an unfortunate example of what GM has now become....

On the other hand, if anyone out there can help with a solution (antenna or otherwise) I'd sure appreciate it..and No thanks to XM radio - I don't need or want to go that route - (their programming isn't for me)

Kauai 1
04-17-13, 04:05 PM
Bobbyp28 and maddoxshow, I have a hard time understanding your problems. As I previously replied to maddoxshow, I have excellent reception on FM in my 2012 Luxury (with Nav). I checked it out on a long trip after I replaced the stock antenna with a CravenSpeed stubby, and pulled-in local (small town) FM stations many miles away in another state. Other Forum members also report good FM reception.
Bobbyp28, your comments about "cheap ass radio..." and other negative GM comments seem to indicate a less-than-positive attitude to start with. And maddoxshow's comments in his other post about going all the way to the Cadillac executive level, actually having a GM engineer personally examine the vehicle and its radio, etc. and etc., with no resolution of his situation have me really wondering! The "Old GM" would stonewall a situation to the max if it were one that was an across-the-board problem, rather than face a large expense for a major fix. The "New GM" is supposedly committed to excellent customer satisfaction. Something here just does not equate!
If Customer Service representatives who monitor this forum have any true value, other that uttering sweet platitudes, they shoul be able to really dig into this situation, and report back with hard facts.............even if that results on egg on the faces of GM personnel or GM owners!!
Just some thoughts; hope there are real answers!!

04-18-13, 10:49 PM
Didnt know anyone used FM anymore. I havent used anything but XM and my I pod for years. Ad's suck.
To each their own. XM sound quality sucks. It used to be CD quality and I loved it. Then some years ago they added a bunch of new channels and bit starved them all. FM sounds much better than XM especially if it is digital/HD.

As far as FM radio reception, it's excellent. We have a 2013 SRX. We get stations from all over. AM reception is top notch too.