: Hello, Cadillac Owners

04-15-13, 06:21 PM
Just bought my first after wanting one for almost 7 years. Previous cars were a Grand Cherokee, then an '07 WRX wagon, and finally a 2001 Cobra. The Cobra was becoming a pain with my son growing, and I got lucky and found an '05 CTS-V with 50k miles nearby. I plan to own it for a long time, and I'm already planning on upgrading the shifter, exhaust, and hopefully adding some form of iPod integration in. Nice to meet you all, I'm looking forward to learning more about my car.

04-15-13, 06:29 PM
Congrats on your CTS-V. Welcome to the Forums!

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04-15-13, 09:36 PM
Welcome to the forum!!!

04-15-13, 11:59 PM
Welcome :thumbsup:

04-16-13, 10:05 PM