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04-15-13, 02:36 PM
Yes its me again! I am having this check engine light come on and off, comes on, make a appointment to check and the light goes off(after 3 days). Light comes on call to check with a scanner, sure enough, turn the car off and the light does not return, now the light is off for the 2nd day, When i lifted the car to check the previous work needed I looked at the ECM connections and all was tight.
Everything is OK apart from my previous thread about the radiator and rust. All fluids are OK including transmission. AC is charged, alternator,battery Ok, engine temp ok. I looked at a lot of threads about this but they seem to have the light on long enough for a scan. We did do a scan with no light and the scan showed no codes.
I read some threads this could be a timing chain issue? Car runs fine purrs like a kitten, screams when pedal to the metal.
Any ideas?

Just to note I have been driving on some ruff cobble stone roads here in a Belgium town, some are so bad you have to drive real slow because of all the waves and bumps,this is usually the time the light comes on or after while back on smooth pavement.

04-15-13, 04:20 PM
How did you check your transmission fluid there isn't a dipstick unless you checked it under the vehicle while running through the side of the transmission. Also doubt its taking chain related as those codes wouldn't go away at all.

04-15-13, 04:29 PM
You need a scanner that will read history codes. If the MIL light was on, they are there.

04-15-13, 04:55 PM
Yes we followed the directions to test the tranny fluid, but with no scanner. Ok so I guess this garage scanner cannot read history, but I did not ask, I think the best to do is use the stealership before we begin removing the rad and rusted lines to read codes.
note:light goes off if I do a battery reset.