: Top Gear says Euro Spec N* has 396 HP!?

Mr. Mohr
04-14-13, 09:16 PM
So I was on the Top Gear website and searched "SRX". They had a 2004 review that gave it horrible marks (big surprise), but the following bit of info caught me off guard..."Either a 3.6-litre V6 or a 4.6-litre V8. The V6 gets a respectable 332bhp, 0-62mph in 8.1 seconds, 125mph top end and 20.2mpg. The big 396bhp V8 is faster again at 7.4 seconds for the sprint to 62mph and 140mph, but offers appalling economy at 16.9mpg (which you'll struggle to achieve in the real world)." I searched around, but can't find any real numbers to support this claim. Is it a type-o? I know Euro spec vehicles often have higher HP/Trq, but 396 Hp is a HUGE jump from 320 Hp. Can anybody across the pond verify this info? If so, I want to know what they did to get an extra 76 Hp out of the N*!:suspect:

04-14-13, 09:40 PM
Bogus numbers. 255/260 and 320hp

04-15-13, 12:25 AM
The best 0-60 time I could find in a major automotive publication for the Northstar was 6.2 seconds for the lighter RWD version with a top speed of 144MPH at the end of the long term test.

04-15-13, 11:14 AM
Those Top Speed quotes from these reviews are so wrong. I have had had my SRX at 150+ mph many times and it gets there very quickly. I am at 130 mph at the top of 3rd gear, 4th gets me to about 147mph. I love it.

04-15-13, 01:48 PM
Prob not accurate but the again all America gets are the detuned crap we have now still decent numbers but a European or Japanese version of the same vehicle will always be faster.

Mr. Mohr
04-18-13, 11:55 PM
That's what I'm wondering, if there is a difference (as US Spec usually is) what is it? Wouldn't you like to swap over some Euro parts and get a good bump in HP?

04-19-13, 01:24 AM
Think its has to do with computer tuning i don't know if they have different emission regulations there

04-19-13, 10:24 AM
The numbers are wrong, its no mystery or conspiracy. The number is also in BHP so depending on who you talk to and blah blah it may be higher.