: Odd driver side window issue .. broken door panel???

04-14-13, 03:50 PM
So it certainly pours when it rains ....

Now there is something going on with the driver side window.
I rolled it down to wipe off the water so i could see out of it and rolled it back up and there was a little popping noise from the door panel and it flexed and popped open and closed real quick below the sail panel. I was like WTF did I just see? So I rolled down the window again and it mostly came back up and the window weather stripping started to come up and the window went back down due to anti-pinch.

Now I was able to squeeze it back in properly but every time I move the window it does this.


Here is a video of this.


Anyone run into this before?
Do I go to the dealer or to the body shop that did my mirror swap on this door panel back in october/november when I clipped a deer?

04-14-13, 08:45 PM
If you're thinking the body shop may have damaged it when they took it off, you may want to start there. If it was me, I'd probably just take it off myself to see what's up.

04-14-13, 10:01 PM
Dang Luda you've been having some horrible luck with the car lately, I'm sorry to hear that

04-14-13, 10:21 PM
If you're thinking the body shop may have damaged it when they took it off, you may want to start there. If it was me, I'd probably just take it off myself to see what's up.

Part of me thinks its possible but it has been over 6 months now and I would have expected if they broke something it would have been noticed long before now.
But it can't hurt to stop in and see what they say about it tomorrow after work.
Not sure if my service contract will cover this or call it cosmetic damage or something and not cover it assuming the body shop doesn't do anything.

Bringing the car to the dealer Tuesday after work for the issues I talked about in the 'lemon' thread I posted.
Check engine light (that has now gone off again after 3 ignition cycles) Service lane departure system (its now suddenly disabled about 80% of the time I drive it had zero issues with it before), speed limited to 120mph, scrape/rattle noise from under the car under certain engine load conditions.

Dang Luda you've been having some horrible luck with the car lately, I'm sorry to hear that
Yeah :-/ girlfriend is just telling me to sell it due to all the issues with this car.
Honestly this is the least reliable car I have ever had by a considerable gap.
While none of the issues have left me stranded (yet), not having functional Air Bags wasn't a good feeling, constant check engine light issues lately I fear inevitable engine damage / permanent lower performance. A lot of the 'issues' can be considered to be unneeded features for a car that don't really matter and a lot of people would likely not bothered to fix. (perhaps some of the issues I have are issues that the previous owners had to deal with as well and its just a multiple part replacement mindset that Caddy has decided to do instead of going the over-engineer model where nothing breaks)

There have been several times that I've said to myself that I should have just kept that 02 Deville DTS and just dealt with the oil leaks that it had (everything else was in working order, in the 3 years I had that DTS and about 40,000 miles the total maintenance was less than the last 3 months have been for the STS)... Oh well.

Part of me has said time to sell the STS (export lamps separately from the car) and maybe lease an ATS w/ CUE, NAV or the XTS w/ CUE, NAV. But the overall cost of that is likely way too high to be an option with the number of miles I drive per year.

Up to 79,000 miles now (had 61,000 when I got it just over a year ago) so I don't think Caddy would do a lease for this type of mileage that would be a sane choice.
Only considering a lease to have that new car original owner only benefits and warranty


04-15-13, 02:43 AM
I definitely agree that you've had more than enough problems with your car. I can understand your disappointment and frustration. Usually when there are so many problems I'll look for something that is common to everything as a starting point for troubleshooting. From my own experience though, my STS had numerous problems that all turned out to be independent of each other. As for the lane departure warning, I also had a fault with mine. After much debate with the Cadillac dealer, they finally agreed to replace it. Originally I was told the fault was related to another problem I was having. Mine had in internal memory fault code so I have no idea how they associated this with an entirely different system. Anyway, long story short, after replacing the VDAAW (Vehicle Direction Alert Alarm Warning) module, I've never had a problem with it since. I have heard that some of these modules have been problematic. If I'm not mistaken, I think mine was replaced with an updated part.

04-15-13, 10:08 PM
What's with the epidemic of window trouble? I don't recall so many in so short a period.

It's been a long Winter.

04-17-13, 10:58 PM
Wish I knew what was up with all the window issues with everyone lately.

Body shop says the window stripping is completely separate from the door panel and since they didn't remove that part when they did the mirror it would run about $60 - $70 installed.

Dealer says needs new door panel for around $850.

When I mentioned what the body shop said he was like oh... Um let me double check on that before we get any further on that since we have to order and wait for some parts for the engine.

They said there is a camshaft ? And cover oil leak can't remember as it was hard to tell what he said over the phone and it was a few hours ago now. They are saying that the lean code could be the result of this leak.

They were unable to reproduce the exhaust noise / rattle issue I'm having an issue with. Forgot to ask him about the lane departure system (but it is on the list of things they are working on).

Also I am having a creaking noise in the driver side front caliper. They are saying some lubricant is needed on the caliper pins. Seems odd to me that its needed to be done. I don't know if there is any service history on the brakes being done.

04-17-13, 11:30 PM
I have heard of, and read the service bulletin relating to a "clunk" with the front calipers. The documented process is to lubricate the caliper pins. I just did my front brakes and they seemed to clunk a bit. After lubing the pins, everything was snug again.

04-18-13, 04:04 PM
Regarding the brake noise, when I mentioned it to my first dealer they were just like ... "I wouldn't worry about it" and just left it at that no pointer as to a fix of any kind.

Dealer said they are needing another day for parts to arrive. He said a gasket was needed for the timing chain cover and a new cover was needed.
I think they are following TSB 12-06-01-003 (released or updated in may of 1012) for the lean condition.

Will look at the driver window tomorrow with one of their 'more seasoned' interior guys.

He said the Lane Departure setup was reprogrammed.
I Cannot find any TSB that would relate to this.

Loaner car is rather loaded though...
2013 Malibu LTZ.
Lane Departure
Passive Entry
Collision avoidance
push button start passive start
HIDs (not just projectors) and fog lamps
Heated leather
Backup camera
nice bluetooth integration w/ GM My Link touch screen system
2.5L 4-cyl :(
2 driver seat memory (however you must push and hold 1 or 2 the entire time you want to recall, with auto exit seat on this can be annoying)

Now I can easily spot the lane departure camera in the windshield but I cannot find the radar unit for the FCA system?
Does that use the camera as well instead of a radar unit?

Overall - still underpowered for size of car. gauges are too small, which makes indicators really small as well ... lane departure is like 1/4" rather than the about 1/2" in the STS.

04-18-13, 09:52 PM
So they are replacing the crankshaft seal (nothing with the camshaft) and the timing cover due to oil leaks.
They are claiming that this is causing the lean condition and that this is related to the speed limited message...
I have a real hard time believing this being the cause of the lean condition and the speed limited message but it is an oil leak that should get taken care of that is being covered by the service contract.

04-25-13, 09:51 PM
Update on window:

$59.99 labor to remove door panel and adjust the door interior weatherstripping.
Today (the day after getting my car back) the window squeaked its way up and down a few times then went non-functional.
Took to dealer they said the seal might be too tight and the motor shut down due to heat.
They 'lubricated' the door weather stripping on the inside of the door while I waited - no charge as expected.