: 2005 CTS-V rear speakers 6 3/4" installed

04-14-13, 03:33 PM
I found a textured vinyl at Joanne's fabric store that is dang near perfect match to the door panels. Here's how I installed a 6 3/4" speaker in the rear doors with no mod and the ability to go back to stock:

1) remove door panel, unplug speaker, unscrew speaker from door panel, unscrew nuts that hold speaker grill on, put door panel back on.

2) use stock grill as template, make new insert out of 1/4" Masonite, cut new speaker hole in insert, stretch vinyl around new insert.


3) install speaker, wire to stock speaker wire, use 1 1/2" drywall screws to mount speaker to insert + insert to door panel.

Solid as a rock, sounds great, no mods to door panel, factory speaker and grill and go back in.