: XTS Lease Question

04-14-13, 03:00 PM
Any one know the residual and money factor
On a XTS AWD Platinum 36 month 15k lease

04-30-13, 12:58 PM
I'm sure you were looking for answer sooner, sorry I just read :) Anyhow my dsalesamn showed me at the time I leased the residual was 52% for 15K/36 mo leases through ally. He said that was great (best he's seen in awhile) and was looking to lease a new cad himself, which he did two weeks following. The money factor? Not sure what that is...if that ios essentially the interest rate on the differnece between residual and the amount you agree on... It was 3.9% for me. This was in February, so I suppose things could have changed. Good Luck!


Oh this was for the premium version $56950 MSRP.