: How to sync iTunes Playlists (and music) to a SD card.

04-14-13, 06:49 AM
No need to get an iPod for your ATS. Simply use an SD card, a lot less expensive and does exactly the same job. If you were to simply copy files to the SD, CUE wouldn't recognize your iTunes voice commands and nor would it recognize playlists. You have to do syncing in order to fully utilize CUE.

Download the free program DoubleTwist to sync iTunes stuff with the SD. When the program is open make sure that the SD folder is also open within Windows Explorer. The program will automatically load all your iTune stuff. You will know the right DT screen is showing when you see the SD card under Devices (left hand pane) and your playlists (and all your music) also listed there. To dl your playlists and the music within them, click on the "playlist" link and the greyed out playlist panel will be accessible. Check which playlists you want and click Sync in the lower right hand corner. That's it.

02-22-14, 04:53 PM
I had an OLD version (probably late 2012) of Double Twist on my laptop. It worked great for moving the iTunes music to my Droid Razr Maxx. I read another post about using it for making an SD card. I have played with it EXTENSIVELY.....I can offer the following as FACTS.....

First, if you have the OLD version....do NOT, under any circumstances UPGRADE. For whatever reason (pressure from Apple?), the Audio Syncing on the NEW version of Double Twist was removed.

BUT, if you go to the HELP section and type in DOWNGRADE, that gets you a set of really quirky instructions on how to TOTALLY removed the current version and then reload the old.

If you do NOT have Double Twist, then simply follow the DOWNGRADE instructions and load the file that they show. THAT should get you to the original Double Twist.

I have successfully taken the 250+ CD's and purchased music in my iTunes and put it on an SD card. There are a few tricks that I found....some easy....some hard.

First, if you have "folders" in iTunes, it will drive Double Twist crazy. I manage two iPods from my iTunes. I USED to have a folder for MYWIFE music. NO MORE.

I also use iTunes Playlists extensively. When I upload a CD or purchase an album, I then create a Playlist. That is easier for me to manage as iTunes will alphabetically list the album title, then the artist. So if it is TOP TEN HITS by I'm Crazy, then you will see TOP TEN HITS as the Album name. I then create a play list.....I'm Crazy - Top Ten Hits. Therefore, I have a Playlist for EVERY album. I also create custom mixes or Playlists. For example, the Red ATS was a Valentine gift to my wife. I had purchased her a custom designed Pandora Charm bracelet at Christmas and had a Song for every charm. Therefore, I mixed her a Playlist of the charms, then added a song from each of our "special" years. Ended it up with Led Zeplin's Rock Roll.

So, create the Playlists. Load Double Twist. Open Double Twist. It will take a while to load. Once loaded pop in a blank SD card (I assume a thumb drive will work, but I used an SD card. I copied the SD card to a thumb drive and it works the SAME in CUE). You will see the word Playlist on the left. Right click and then do an Import iTunes Playlists.

That will get you EVERY ONE....it also has the garbage (Recently played, recently purchased, top 25, etc.). Click on the Music tab and that should take you to Playlists in the middle. Choose ALL.

Let it cook. You will get a SYNC Complete in the lower right corner. NOW for the tricks and housekeeping.

I had a error in a playlist. I tried every way in iTunes to export the file. I renamed the original Playlist as $errorplaylist and then copied in the corrected one. NO DICE.

SO, I reloaded Double Twist. I also found errors in about 10 other playlists. I had also added 2 more CD's. So, I chose the FIXED Playlists and also the NEW ones. I used a Blank card and Double Twist wrote a new Music File. I had also made a back-up of the original SD card. That was my safety valve. I then copied the NEW Music file contents to the original SD card. I let Windows overwrite the original playlists and add the new playlist and content. BINGO....they were fixed.

I deleted the garbage playlists from the SD card. In CUE, it runs flawlessly and I can also sort by the standard parameters (Artist, Album, Category, Genre).

So, you can had a master copy and then fix things on the fly.

NOW, Double Twist sometimes gets into a funk and DUPLICATES playlists. Use Explorer and find Double Twist Desktop. That is the configuration file. Rename the three folders as $data, $log, $thumbnails. Take all the garbage files on the root and make a folder $root. Put them there. NOW, add new folders - data, log & thumbnails. That gives you a virgin config file.

When you load Double Twist, you now have only ONE copy of the iTunes Playlists.

I talked to CUE.....they patched in Apple. NOBODY there had a clue. They said....Export. RIGHT. CUE will not, for me, read a the MP3U (memory on the syntax) files that iTunes writes.

I do NOT think that the artwork makes the cut....but I can use the DIC screen to sort and select. I can also use the VR system. It is SIMPLE and my wife LOVES IT...

ONE EASIER WAY.....purchase a 6th Gen Nano. I have an 8 GB and 16 GB. I have 5.7 days of music on the 16 and still have 2.5 GB left. Those are around $130 for the 8 GB and you can sync it with iTunes anytime. Dedicate that one to the Caddy.....not really a bad investment. The folks that put on new screens have them used for $65 or so and they are all over Craigslist.

If ANYONE has a simpler solution or another App or freebie program, PLEASE POST IT.

02-23-14, 11:54 PM
I'm totally looking into this, however I have a question for you.

I have 26k tracks in my itunes library and have a 160GB Ipod classic i've been rocking for a long time.

How well have you gotten tthe SD setup to sync and utilize Smart Playlists? I use smart playlists pretty much 100% of the time.

Thanks in advance!


07-16-14, 05:04 PM
Do I then just need a SD to USB adapter, or do I need some sort of SD reader with a USB adapter to plug into my XTS CUE???

Hoosier Daddy
07-16-14, 07:03 PM
Do I then just need a SD to USB adapter, or do I need some sort of SD reader with a USB adapter to plug into my XTS CUE???
You posted in the ATS forum. Most ATSs have an SD slot in the center console. Bases without CUE and Luxuries without NAV or Sun and something (forget the name) might not since those don't have the upscale audio.