View Full Version : Cadillac Racing -- Mike Skeen St Petersburg Video

04-14-13, 06:31 AM
Hey -- thought you all might enjoy Mike Skeen's view when chasing the Cadillac Race Cars numbers 3 & 8. A good portion of the video is him chasing the 2 Cadillac race cars. See around the 6:50 mark when Mike maneuvers past Andy Pilgram's number 8 car. This is probably about as close as I will probably ever get to the Cadillac Race cars!



By the way I have had the privilege to meet Mike Skeen, who is a sponsor of the DriveSafer.com (teen driver safety organization) where I volunteer from time to time. I actually may see him this afternoon at one of DriveSafer events -- I will ask him about the move he makes.