: SRX modification questions

Mr. Mohr
04-14-13, 02:25 AM
Hello Everyone, I'm new to the Forum, but have been constantly surfing around it for the past 2 weeks since purchasing our '04 SRX V8 AWD. I have a few questions for you experts out there; I have searched the forum, but not found exactly what I am looking for. Being that our SRX shares a modified Sigma platform with the CTS (and of course the CTS-V), does anyone know what parts (mainly suspension) might swap over? I know that the "V" brakes and wheels can be swapped over, and that is GREAT. I also know there is an elusive Eibach spring kit lurking about the internet somewhere. But I would really love to make my SRX handle as well as possible. I know performance is pretty much limited to intake/exhaust, and thats OK, 320hp is not THAT bad. And for being a bit of a heffalump, it handles well.... But could it be better? It still leans a bit much in the corners, and Eibach's would help a bit I'm sure. But what if I want more? Could CTS-V suspension be fitted? I'm sure it would lower it more than Eibach's and I'd be OK with that.

Also, I know a lot of cars have certain little performance tweaks (specific to them) that you can do. Does the SRX have any of these? Air filter box mods, Intake or throttle body swaps, must-do-upgrades, anything come to mind? I appreciate all the help, I have already learned so much. The 1791 code and Navigation hijack works perfectly, very useful. I crave for more to upgrade on the Caddy.

04-14-13, 11:05 AM
Why are you under the impression the CTS-V suspension would make he SRX handle better?

What I am saying is these are just parts, when you say suspension what part of the CTS-V suspension do you want to swap and why? Too make your car handle better you need the correct parts not just "better" ones. Stiffer or lower may not be better, body roll is not the end of the world. I would love to get further into this with you.

What tires are you using? they are the biggest limiting factor most of the time.

Mr. Mohr
04-14-13, 12:47 PM
Great point, I ask about V suspension only out of curiosity. I like the idea of upgrading with OWN parts. I know they are just parts, parts that must interact as a whole. If the V struts would bolt up, I'm sure the package itself would be shorter (ie. Lower) than the stock spring and strut package. Lower center of gravity (typically, but not always) helps with handling. I have driven lowered vehicles before, and as long as its not too low, I've enjoyed it. I just have stock 18's with the stock tires on it now. I know upgrading to 20's will result in a shorter and stiffer sidewall, which will help in the corners as well. Looking forward to upgrading eventually. Right now I'm just researching and seeing what possible options might be available. Letting the gears in my heard turn a bit. Think of it as a mental exercise.

04-14-13, 02:10 PM
The Cadillac SRX handles better than most cars. Why would you want to "upgrade" it when there is nothing wrong to start?

Mr. Mohr
04-14-13, 02:57 PM
It's personal preference I suppose. I loved the way my '84 Jaguar XJ6 floated effortlessly over any bump the road could through at it. Some would say that was perfect as-is. I prefer more of a BMW M or Mercedes AMG feel. I like it to soak up some bumps, but ride more firmly. Yes, the SRX rides well, but I would like a sportier feel to the car. This crossover walks the line between SUV and sport wagon. I view it as an AWD V8 CTS wagon on steroids.

04-14-13, 02:58 PM
Upgrading your 18's to 20's would probably degrade ride quality also. It would be interesting though to hear from people who have upgraded their suspensions and hear if they were successful in getting an improvement, in their opinion. Silly question Mr. Mohr but if you are enamored of the BMW M or Merc AMG, why did you not buy one of them? Instead of attempting to make your SRX more like them. Which, in my opinion, is even more silly than your original question.

04-14-13, 03:03 PM
Wow tough crowd in here...

04-14-13, 03:09 PM
Nah not tough. In my post I just meant if he prefers, as he says, the BMW M or Mercedes AMG, why did he not just buy one of those? Just a simple question. I had the same question in one of my other posts. I even asked why Cadillac never made a SRX-V.

Mr. Mohr
04-14-13, 04:01 PM
Germans either are out of my price range right now, or don't have the third row. I looked at the MB ML430, but I found them too cramped for the whole family. I would prefer a US car if it were equal in quality and performance. I think the SRX fills most all of my requirements. I just wish they made a V series. If they had, I would look for one. Since they didn't, I will make mine as close to what I wish they would have built. Like an SRX with a sportier Sport package....if that makes sense.


I guess what I'm saying is that most SRX owners who bought the N* did so because it gives better performance, for whatever their needs might be. Some chose a Sport package because they wanted a sportier ride. And while performance and handling are good stock, I think there is more potential.

04-14-13, 06:06 PM
Didn't Mercedes design this engine at least the 3.6 so technically we are driving a caddy with a German heart lol. Also i don't think the cts v suspension would handle all the extra weight that these trucks have. Someone correct me if im wrong.

04-14-13, 11:17 PM
Yes your wrong.

I don't have time to go through this now but I will post tomorrow.

Think more about what is being said, remember parts are just parts, its the specs that matter.

04-15-13, 11:09 AM
I know what you mean but I am just wanting us (the SRX forum members) to go through the facts and all learn.

You want to handle better (even though you are nowhere near the limits of your current setup) and throw what you think are "better" parts at the car to do it.

I don't think the CTS stuff will fit so lets take it off the table for now.

So if you go lower do you go stiffer? lowered does not mean stiffer. Lower may help but need to find out what it does to the dynamic alignment setting first and make sure you are gaining positive camber or toe in cause that will not help the cause, and if the car is stiff then you need to make sure the extra load can be put to the road and not just slide on the crap tires.

Shock limits how fast the springs move not how far, we need to have the correct shock to dampen the spring you choose.

So again start with tires, huge difference in how it feels. We are on of 17" winter tires right now and when we go back to the 20's it is a new car and the mush goes away, my wife loves spring time :) Don't buy the crap tire on sale with 700 tread wear and some all season tread pattern that will squirm and deform under load or it will feel like mush, big tread blocks will feel better and a softer tire will hang on longer but will wear faster.

Mr. Mohr
04-15-13, 11:19 PM
I understand what you are saying, and originally I was just brain-storming on possible upgrades. I just experienced a game changed though. I took the SRX through some twisties, carving through the south end of the Shanendoahs(?). I put the trans in Sport and it did everything and mote than I expected (so long as the turns had a decent bank). I think with 20's and great tires, matched with Eibach springs, and intake & exhaust, this would be a blast to drive. I had a lot of fun as is, but again wished for a little more throttle response and a bit less body roll. Only thing else I could think to upgrade beyond the previously mentioned would be a thicker sway bar or possibly just better bushings. In the banked corners this was great fun.

04-16-13, 10:18 AM
Are the Eibach springs lower or stiffer or both? I was going to get Eibach to make a run of springs but I needed at least 25 and like 2 people wanted a set so it never happened.

If you get rid of body roll remember that energy will end up going somewhere.

Bigger wheels and tires may make the steering feel heavy but should not notice it on open road driving, if you want a more nimble feel to the drive then play with alignment settings toe plays a big role in how it feels at turn in.

04-16-13, 04:03 PM
How much difference does replacing stock air cleaner with a K & N setup make?

04-16-13, 04:46 PM
None, oh well you will let more dirt into the motor.

Mr. Mohr
04-16-13, 07:36 PM
Filtering will be just fine, you won't let any extra dirt past your filter. It's a high-flow filter, its built better with better quality material. The real problem is the intake box, from what I've read, the box is very restrictive no matter the filter inside. A CAI is the only thing that you would really notice a change with.

04-16-13, 08:08 PM
Filtering will be just fine, you won't let any extra dirt past your filter. It's a high-flow filter, its built better with better quality material. The real problem is the intake box, from what I've read, the box is very restrictive no matter the filter inside. A CAI is the only thing that you would really notice a change with.

If my pics would load id show y'all i modified my stock air box to take a spectra one filter and its now a cold air box and runs great you won't know its modified more flow than stock and sounds great anybody wanting to see pics of this inbox me your email and ill send all of them from my camera

Mr. Mohr
04-16-13, 10:11 PM
I've thought about that. I would love to see one completed. I noticed on the Volant CAI, the box uses the stock snorkle plus an opening in front. Looks like behind the headlight. I would add that extra opening as well.

04-17-13, 12:47 AM
Awesome news is i lost the pics but it would only take me a few mins to take it apart to get some
repnatl@yahoo.com if needed id get them quicker

Mr. Mohr
04-21-13, 09:05 PM
I just modified my box (OEM filter for now) check out what I did on my other thread.