: Sport Sedan Challenge...Cars.com

04-13-13, 07:29 PM

Their numbers seem off...braking 60-0, 130 ft. Edmunds = average 118 ft, Motor Trend = 111 ft.
They report 0-60 at 7.97. Edmunds = 6.3, Auto Blog = 6.0, Autorooster = 6.5.

Don't get me started with their 1/4 mile result of 16.2 or the "ill-fitted panels and unsightly gaps" statement.

04-14-13, 08:27 AM
They do seem off, but in fairness, the numbers don't add up for other cars too.
What I find fishy is they seem to have picked a trim to jack the price and they knock the fact the rear seats are non folding.

They could have used a luxury trim that would have met all their comparo requirements, still have more features than others, and win on price.

04-14-13, 02:10 PM
I have seen some really bad stitching work on the seats and the dAsh. Only on curves where the stitching doesn't follow the curve. It's kind of straight line, slight angle, straight line, slight angle,etc.