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the blur
04-13-13, 06:37 PM
I've seen this question answered both ways, with some mis-leading information, because cars were modded, or non-stock size

Will Coupe wheels fit on a sedan, with stock size tires, and stock suspension ?

Coupe 19x10 x40 #1925747 rear 10"
Sedan 19x9.5x56 #19257475 rear 9.5"

04-14-13, 09:12 PM
I'm working this out in my head.... But. 19x10 with +40 offset would be 6.57 inch back spacing. So that means that 3.43 inches of the wheel stick out past the mounting surface.

19x9.5 with +56mm off set would be 7 inch back spacing with 2.5 inches sticking out from mounting surface.

So I believe that would mean that the coupe wheel would be half inch less going into the well and would stick out almost a full inch more. So I would say if you can't space out the sedan wheel 1inch then no you can't run the coupe wheel.

Someone correct me if my math is wrong.

Short story...coupe wheel sticks out an extra 1 inch(give or take an 1/8).

Hope that helps.

SStreet King
05-03-13, 09:57 AM
Coupe rear wheels fit on the rear of a sedan, and look badass while doing it. You can only tell they stick out a bit from some slight angles.

05-03-13, 11:07 PM
The Coupe wheel sticks out 22 mm farther than the stock sedan wheel. It clears on the inside by 10 mm more than the stock wheel. The only possible interference is on the outside under hard cornering.

The Coupe wheel sticks out 6.5 mm more than my track wheels (see photo at Sebring).107529