View Full Version : my STS...its a miracle!

04-13-13, 04:40 PM
My 97 sts is at 153,000 , an has been running not hot but a lot warmer than I like. I just redone the fuel pump,Water pump,hoses,thermostat,an starter all within the last month after six months of sittin... An this morning I realized I have been losing all my coolant this long , an discovered my bottom metal radiator hose on right was all tha way loose ...I felt like slappin myself @ the same time hittin my knees an thanking GOD....its 90 f 2day an so far so good


04-15-13, 10:11 AM
Loosing coolant? So u got a low coolant message? If u say ur cooling system was low and that's why u were running hot and now hope a leaky radiator hose is the reason for yours issues than lets run with that.