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This is a huge shoutout to this forum and Karl R's pictures and posts at http://srxturnsignals.shutterfly.com/, along with all of the other regular posters giving their experiences.

I've owned my 2007 N* for almost 2 years now, purchased with 34K and now at almost 67K miles. I put new tires and did all the fluids and engine mounts at the dearlership.. very nice experience at first, but expensive and their kindness fades with the more you bug them.

Then about 2 months ago, I had a noise that dealership diagnosed as a front wheel hub. No way I was paying dealership price of $700+, so I went to a local shop and got it done, noise solved, some vibration solved, I was a happy owner again, thought still at $300 price tag... I was not as happy with the local shop experience, and didn't know if they knew much about the querks of my vehicle. The dealership experience while better, still also played a lot of trial and error, :stirpot: and I feel like I was visiting weekly to look at the same vibration or noise again and again. I wasn't too happy, but still loved my truck..

Then a few weeks ago, a squeek noise started while I was rolling and breaking, then this week my turn signal went out... I knew the dealership or local shop were going to be expensive and so I finally decided, with the help of this forum, that I could do some of my own investigation and repairs,:want: I have never been very mechanical, but I own tools and figured it would be nice to be able to make repairs for the cost of parts. I followed Karl R's posts at http://srxturnsignals.shutterfly.com/ and did my own turn signal socket and bulb, and my own 4 wheel brakes, rotors and pads. $400 total for parts and about 6 hours of time.

My noise is gone, my stopping power is improved, my turn signal is blinking, and I'm again in love with my vehicle, and pretty damn happy that I am finally confident enough to do some of my own repairs.

Thank you all who post!

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Thats what forums are all about, a thousand+ heads are better then one, once your bitten by DIY your hooked