: Hollywood (BS) TITLES

Hoosier Daddy
04-12-13, 05:14 PM
Thanks for the inspiration Luke.

Post the dumbest movie titles you know and why they are dumb.

Here's two:

1. Lake Placid. A giant alligator movie that takes place at a lake NOT named Lake Placid. At the beginning of the movie someone comments that they wanted to name the lake Lake Placid but the name was already taken.

2. Eve of Destruction. I like puns but you can go too far. This was a Greggory Hines movie about a female robot named Eve who goes on a destructive rampage.

04-12-13, 05:24 PM
Fast and Furious....

Yes, i went there...

cadillac kevin
04-12-13, 06:05 PM
"Stop or my mom will shoot" (no explanation needed)

04-12-13, 06:19 PM
Dumb title, but the movie was really funny

04-12-13, 07:01 PM

04-14-13, 11:13 AM
Nightmare On Elm Street.

A title that was just sort of slapped onto the movie at the last minute and has no actual reference to the film whatsoever, aside from the word "Nightmare" as "Elm Street" is never mentioned, referenced or shown throughout the film.