: Make room for me... I'm coming back!!

04-12-13, 06:34 AM
I sure did miss my V1 (though not the frequent required trips for service). Since trading the V1, I have had a few cars but I have wanted a V2 since I learned about them. Well, next week I will be trading my current DD for one! It is silver sedan with the light platinum interior, panoramic roof and recaros. I can't wait! The only mod in the near future is to add a backup camera. I have read extensively about doing so on here but it doesn't seem like there is an easy fix but hopefully soon. Anyway, I can't wait to be back in the V family!

04-12-13, 06:50 AM
I was reading a few threads were NavTV had some nice camera options,night vision looks cool. I have never had there products but looked like quality stuff and not to difficult. Any who , welcome back and congrats .

04-12-13, 06:54 AM
Thanks!! Originally was supposed to have the car today, but now it will be next week. Patience makes the heart grow fonder, right?

04-12-13, 07:13 AM
Congratulations and welcome back.

04-12-13, 10:09 AM
I thought the sedans now came with a backup camera? If not, you must be purchasing a 2009 or 10, which didn't.

Matters not, welcome back!

04-12-13, 10:47 PM
Right, getting an 09

I will miss that until I add it. Otherwise, it seems amazing.