: Interior ambient lighting

04-11-13, 08:36 PM
On the 2012 and 2013, is the interior ambient lighting actually blue or other colors? In my coupe it's a plain white light for the dash highlights. I was thinking of going blue and with something brighter.

07-13-13, 09:48 PM
I asked this in another thread before reading this . My 13' v sedan has white lighting. Do only 12 & 13's have this?

07-13-13, 11:31 PM
Ambient lighting has been available since first release, and it has always been white. Besides the dash beltline, door pull pockets, and console overhead, the '09s had front footwell lighting that I believe was phased out sometime during the model year (or was it the following year?). The '09s were also retrofitable with the rear footwell lighting kit from the base CTS.

02-08-14, 06:08 AM
The ambient footwell lighting was an available option as an accessory to buy from the dealer for the cts coupe. I bought and installed and they looked great. Has anyone done this on the V or added any ambient lighting to the footwell area?

02-08-14, 04:39 PM
I installed the ambient footwell lighting. I like the way it looks. Gives some light there.

Club Malibu
02-08-14, 05:07 PM
I did the ambient footwell lighting too

02-08-14, 08:05 PM
Did you guys just use the cts coupe stock accessory from the dealer?

02-08-14, 10:19 PM
Did you guys just use the cts coupe stock accessory from the dealer?

Yes. GM got rid of the wires in the foot wells, so I had to route the wire from the existing ambient lighting.

02-17-14, 02:46 AM
Was it a difficult install?

02-17-14, 12:39 PM
Was it a difficult install?
Not really. You do need to take things apart though.