: Wind Deflector

04-11-13, 03:44 PM
Hello all

I'm considering the WeatherTech side window deflector for my 2013 SRX. Anyone using these? I used them on my pickups in the past and thought they worked pretty good,
but I've not seen them installed on an SRX and curious if you all may have an opinion.

Also, the wind noise when the sunroof is open seems a bit extreme. I've had other cars with sunroof and they did not seem as noisy. Has anyone used a sunroof wind deflector on an SRX and did you find it
worth the money?

Thanks for your input.


04-11-13, 05:42 PM
if you roll the rear windows down about an inch it *greatly* reduces the sunroof wind noise. Sorry, haven't used the deflectors...

04-12-13, 07:39 AM
I put the WeatherTech's on my front windows, and they fit and work great. Now I can leave the window down a little when parked, which helps in FL. Do a search for a picture. Since mine is black, they blend right in.